What’s In My Gym Bag

If you ask me a great workout starts with a well packed gym bag! So, I figured I’d take you through my gym essentials!

  1. Obviously you have to start with a great bag! Lucky for me I got this LuluLemon “All Day Tote” for my birthday! (Thanks Mame <3)  The bag has multiple pockets and allows me to keep organized on the go.
  2. Next, for me is a great pair of headphones, along with a good playlist. Headphones “Beats Powerbeats3” and you can follow me on Spotify for some epic playlists!
  3. Next are BCAAs. BCAAs stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids, and they’re essential for muscle growth and recovery. I use “IdealLean BCAAs “ to maximize recovery and endurance, and they also pack in a unique Fat-Loss Blend to help me stay lean, and coconut water powder so I’ll stay hydrated. Not to mention they are 0 calorie, 0 sugar, and 0 fat. Just add them to your water bottle and shake.
  4. What does every girl crave…..a small waist, so next in my bag is my “Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer.” While you can’t out work a bad diet, adding more sweat to your workout never hurt anyone. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer increases your core temperature during exercise improving thermogenic activity and sweat.
  5. iPhone 7 & charger….because is any bag complete without both? 
  6. Forever 21 Workout Clothes of some kind…their stuff is inexpensive and holds up extremely well! Here’s a link to one of my favorite pants and sports bra!
  7. Batteries for my heart rate monitor!
  8. Hand Sanitizer because gyms are sweaty and I’m a germaphobe.
  9. Stretch and Barre theory books…because the learning is never done.
  10. Sticky socks for when i’m teaching at Barre +Beyond Studio. My personal favorites are Toe Sox and Tavi Noir.
  11. Spare headbands and hair ties…long hair probs.
  12. Last but not least is my favorite and most essential part of workout gear, my “Polar M400 Watch and Heart-rate monitor.” This watch has an interval timer for circuits, GPS to track my runs, and gives me the calories, fat burn, and duration of my workout. Nothing is better than finishing a killer workout and seeing the results right in front of you.

I want to know what you have in your gym bag! Anything you really recommend? Leave it in the comments!


Contact me at ThatGirlMax@gmail.com for fitness and nutrition plans.



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