The Transformation


I’m not really sure where to begin on my transformation….I could start when I was a kid and can remember my parents telling me they were taking me to the doctor to see if anything was wrong with me that would cause me to be over weight. Or I could talk about loosing 20 pounds in High School my Junior Year because I literally became to busy to snack on the brownies and cookies my dad and brothers could eat daily and not gain a pound.

But, the reality is none of that matters because overeating, not working out, and binge eating were all choices I made and it took me until I was 24 years old to finally get a handle on it.


I grew up showing horses and that was all that mattered to me. If I could have dropped out of school and spent everyday at the barn riding with my dad I would have been happy. But, they always say when you go to college it changes you and forces you to realize the person you are and who you want to be. Which is exactly what happened to me.

After four years at Oklahoma State I moved to Dallas and first of all anyone who hears Dallas and thinks big hair and people who dress like cowboys every single day….well they are wrong. Dallas is full of elite people, great food, even better shopping, and night life that will leave you hurting for days.


When I first arrived in Dallas I was in the best shape I had ever been in at the time. I was doing cardio 5-6x a week and eating 3 healthy meals a day. I was starting my first big kid job in marketing and I was determined to crush it. After an amazing summer in Dallas I was offered a full time job and ended up staying. I had my Aunt (basically my other half), my Β Uncle J, and cousins Sailor Mason and Crew there and they made Dallas a home for me.

After a yearΒ of trying to put myself out there and make friends and learn to live the Dallas lifestyle I realized it wasn’t what would make me happy. Besides spending time with my family I had about two genuine friends I enjoyed hanging out with there and I wasn’t the kind of person who enjoyed going out drinking beer every weekend. It was causing me to gain weight and become rather lazy because besides my small circle of family and two friends nobody wanted to be active.

So, I decided to accept a new job in West Palm Beach and packed up and moved a month and a half later. All the while having a long distance relationship with my now husband John, who was in Indiana.

When I say I loved living in Florida, I mean I absolutely loved it. I could be outside 95% of the time, workout on the beach, and people who are around that much sunshine are genuinely happier.

John was coming to visit me every other weekend or I would go to him and life was truly good. With the encouragement and help of my friend Sarah I was able to get into a fitness routine and my life was changing into something I could be truly proud of.

The only thing missing was a job I could be passionate about. So, after I got engaged to John and decided to move to Indiana with him, it was the perfect time to find that missing piece. After training with friends and family and with their support I got my personal training certification and got a job at one of the most elite gyms in the USA, Equinox.

I gained more knowledge in the 6 months I worked there than I ever had in my life. They were a group of pure professionals and the best in their fields. Changing the way I worked out and lived my life forever.


I ended 2016 having lost over 35 pounds and eating more than I ever did on any “diet.” So again, with the support from my amazing husband and incredible family I am here to help change others lives the way I have transformed my own.


But, do not get me wrong, I have and will make mistakes and sometimes fall off the wagon and through everything that has happened to me I realize that, that is ok. I didn’t just make a transformation on the outside, I now think a different way and try to look at all situations with a positive attitude.

This may not be the transformation story you were looking for or expected…but it’s mine and I’m truly proud of it. I hope to share more honest truths with you through “That Girl Max.”


Please comment with any questions or tell me your story in the comments below!

I also do online personal training, meal planning, and meal prep. Send me an email to









3 Comments Add yours

  1. cpfleiderer says:

    Beautifully and honestly written. You’ve come a long way and continue to inspire probably wayyyy more people than what you know. Stay authentic as you are, you rock.

    Lots of Love,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fitgirlmax says:

      Thank you love. Your support means the world!


  2. HUSRider says:

    Great work, Max. Your happiness is radiant. As with horses, keep learning from nutritionists – eating in a healthy manner is a life change, not a diet, as you’ve figured out. Jealous people may judge you – don’t let them. Feel good in YOUR clothes and don’t let others dictate what size you should or shouldn’t be.


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